Guidelines - Poster Presentations

Poster Template

Each presenter should bring their poster on a single sheet of paper with 90cm in width and 120cm in height.

Text & Language

While choosing font type, size and color, please keep in mind that all the information present on the poster has to be legible. All contents language must be English.

Images & Tables

Please make sure that the images have sufficient size, that they have good quality and are proportional. There is no set size for the included images.

Please remember that any numbers or text that is present on the pictures of figures has to be legible. There is no set style for tables, but please keep in mind that table contents have to be legible, in terms of used font size, style and color. Please choose the font type and size accordingly.

Posters Set-Up

  • Posters have to be registered on 18th October 13:00-17:00 at the Poster reception desk (5C, 3F) in Exhibition Center 2, BEXCO.
  • At the reception desk you will receive the place number for your poster, each poster has a designated space reserved in the poster area.
  • All the materials necessary for attaching the posters to the boards will be available at the facility desk in the poster area. In addition, assistants will be present on site to help with both setting up and taking down of the posters.
  • The organizers are not responsible for any loss or damage to those posters which are not removed by authors before the end of the removal time(09:00-17:00, 22nd October). If posters are not removed by their authors at the stated time, will be automatically disposed.

*Disclaimer: Only ‘.pdf’ files sent until 18th September 2020 will be accepted, the Organizers does not take responsibility for the quality and outcome of the ready posters.

Files to Download

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