Taxicabs are plentiful and relatively inexpensive in Korea. They are easily found at the taxi stops or all around of city.

Deluxe Taxi

  • Higher fee than general taxi
  • Better service and comfortable car
  • Black car body with yellow light

Public Taxi

  • Lower fee than deluxe taxi
  • Generally silver or gray car body
Classification Deluxe Taxi Public Taxi
Base Fare Initial KRW 5,000 KRW 3,300
  Additional KRW 200/141m
KRW 200/34sec
KRW 100/133m
KRW 100/34sec
Surcharge Fare Outer city No Outer City
Nighttime Surcharge
  Nighttime   23%
Estimated Fare Busan Haeundae InterCity
Bus Terminal~BEXCO
- KRW 5,000

※ Nighttime 12:00-04:00am

Dep/Arr Fare Time
Gimhae~BEXCO about
KRW 30,000
Busan Station~BEXCO about
  • To get to the Venue by taxi, simply print the message below and show it to the driver. This file clearly explains the location of the venue.

안녕하십니까? 이 분은 해운대 벡스코(BEXCO)에서 개최되는 2020WFC에 참가하시는 분이오니, 안전하게 광안대교를 통해 벡스코(BEXCO)까지 모셔다 주시면 감사하겠습니다.
(호텔로 이동하시고자 하는 경우, 호텔로 모셔다 주시면 감사하겠습니다.)
※담당 사무국 전화번호: 051-711-0059


The Busan Transportation Corporation operates 4 lines (114 stations, 115.2km) and serves as the legs of over 920,000 citizens on an average day.

Dep/Arr Fare Time
Busan Station~BEXCO KRW 1,500 55min
Haeundae~BEXCO KRW 1,300 17min
Haeundae~Busan Station KRW 1,500 56min


The Busan city bus provides a convenient service with systemic management including transfer service, bus-only lane, bus arrival notification system and so on.

Express bus

  • Higher fee than Citybus
  • Less stops and faster than Citybus
  • Red car body


  • Lower fee than Bus Rapid Transit
  • More stops and takes longer time than rapid transit
  • Blue car body
Dep/Arr Fare Time
Busan Station~BEXCO KRW 1,200~1,800 40~60min